Hi and welcome to the Fresh Truck Across America blog!

Jun 17, 2013

Hi and welcome to the Fresh Truck Across America blog!

We hope to accomplish a lot with this blog and really appreciate your reading. While we thought it would be great to have you all ride with us this summer, we mulled it over and decided this blog could serve as a nice way to bring everyone along for the journey.

Okay, enough about you…back to the Fresh Truck! The Fresh Truck is part of an incredibly important movement in the Boston community to provide healthy foods and nutrition education to residents. This movement goes well beyond Boston and is something that is happening all over the country. That’s why throughout our ride we will be stopping along at farms and meeting with health organizations to learn more about their role in improving America’s food system. We are super excited to learn about all of the amazing programs out there and to share that information with you. The more we can spread these stories the further their impact can reach and ultimately improve our nation’s health.

So stay tuned all summer to follow our ride and learn about some the exciting programs happening throughout the country that are changing the way communities are eating!

And for even more of our ride be sure to follow us on twitter @FreshTruckBikes and the instagram hashtag #dolanddarbikeacrossamerica for updates and pictures too.

Take care,
Dol and Dar