Jingle all the way…

Jan 03, 2017

This year we were excited to produce Fresh Truck’s first ever holiday music video — Jingle Bus! It was a celebration of our incredible partners, and communities during 2O16. We are honored to serve such enthusiastic and loving customers each and every day, there are never enough opportunities to say ‘Thank you’. With the support of the Fresh Truck Family, our Jingle Bus video was viewed by over 5O,OOO people!

Your support of Jingle Bus raised $2O,OOO for Fresh Truck renovations!

Many thanks to Nate Solder who stepped up to match all December donations to support Fresh Truck’s growth in 2O17. As a result of your contributions, Fresh Truck is expanding our mobile market operation to be a comprehensive one-stop-shop mobile grocery store. This means that in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables we will be able to carry meat, dairy, prepared foods and self-stable food items for our families to purchase. This renovation is no small feat, so we formed a brilliant project team including Kipp Bradford of the MIT Media Lab and TriMark a foodservice equipment and design company. These partners will be collaborating with the Fresh Truck team to build out an optimal mobile market blueprint, including the design and installation of a custom mobile cooling system and mobile refrigeration units.

Here’s a sneak preview of what we’re building:

Sketch by Kipp Bradford

We have a big vision for the future of food and healthcare, and we are only just getting started. It’s exciting to have all of you on board with us!



If you didn’t get to jingle with us in December, here’s a quick encore🔔: