The Problem

More than half of low- income Boston communities lack access to healthy food, contributing to disproportionate rates of diet-related health issues.

Our Focus Areas

Food Culture

The combination of experiences, habits, and environment that influence how we shop, cook, and eat. The best version of food culture includes holiday meals, old family recipes, and scratch cooking. Fresh Truck fosters community health by celebrating diverse food cultures across Boston neighborhoods.

Food Access

Geographic proximity of a healthy, affordable, and culturally relevant grocer to a neighborhood. We also account for challenges related to physical disabilities, available transportation, and other issues that impact how people are able to access food. Our mobile markets make it easy for families to shop for healthy food close to where they live.

Purchasing Power

Healthy food can be prohibitively expensive as families negotiate school costs, heat, and other critical expenditures. We don’t believe income level should dictate whether or not you eat healthy food, so we work to increase the purchasing power of our shoppers.

Our Solution

Fresh Truck programs are sequenced and integrated to positively impact food access, community food culture, and food purchasing economics.

1Weekly Market

Our year-round Weekly Mobile Market operates 6-days each week, at the same place at the same time, targeting communities that are underserved by grocers.

2Pop Up Events

Food and health-focused events, activating our trucks for block parties, nutrition education workshops, and cooking demonstrations.


Our ‘food prescription’ model. FreshCash is gift cards that are purchased by our network of healthcare providers and other sponsors, and distributed to families to shop at any of our Weekly Market sites or Pop-Up programs.

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